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"Expedia quoted $3,365.46....I paid just $799"
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"March 22, 2014 to March 29, 2014"~ peak travel season in AZ.

The Westgate Painted Mountain Country Club Resort - Mesa, AZ.

My cost for this luxury 2 bedroom villa is 76% less than Expedia's Best Price.  That's a whopping difference of $2,566.46.

Expedia's Best Price was $480.78 per night.....my actual cost was $114.14

Say good bye to peak season travel costs!

Check out this villa.  Over 1000 sq. ft. of high-end luxury, comfort and abundant amenities!  For a description (click here)

The proof lies with the Expedia Invoice, so here is my actual Expedia Invoice.   Did I mention you can book for family and friends as well?

Over 5500 "4 & 5 Star" Luxury Resort Destinations spread out over  61 countries ranging in price from $298 to $799 per week.
There are no black out dates, travel restrictions, coupons or vouchers.
Travel where you want, when you want, on your schedule 52 weeks per year.

Picture yourself pool side at this 4-Star resort in Scottsdale, Arizona during the month of March.  Peak travel costs are at the high point of the season.

What would you rather pay? $1,786.40 or $624?

That's a difference of $1,162.40 less than Expedia.
Villa Mirage Resort, Scottsdale, Arizona
March 14, 2010 to March 21, 2010 
(Scroll down to view my actual invoices and more
 current, real-time Expedia examples

The 4-Star luxury resort pictured above replaced "A Best Western Motel" for an annual  vacation to Phoenix, Arizona in March. 

With a cost of only $624 we are now paying 50% less from "The Best Western" price and 76% less than Expedia's best pricing.
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To view a few more examples of our unbelievable vacation deals compared to "Expedia's Best Pricing" click on the links below.

Disney                        90% discount.
Expedia $746.83 per night... our cost $78.00

Cabo San Lucas      83% discount
Expedia $324.91 per night....our cost $56.86

Branson                      91% discount
Expedia $588.51 per night....our cost $56.86

St. Lucia                     84% discount
Expedia $799.25 per night...our cost $107.14

These deals are not the exception, but are
typical for our "high end" resorts.

Over 5000 resorts spread out over 61 countries.

Your resort accommodations may include one, two or three bedrooms with an abundant amount of amenities to fit the life-style of your choosing!

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If you would like to view the Expedia quote and my actual invoice for The Villa Mirage Resort scroll down a little further and see for yourself.
(BTW, this was my first vacation with GRN.  I simply uploaded a photo of my Expedia quote)

$229 per night plus $26.20 in taxes and fees equals $255.20 per night.

Booking the exact same trip through GRN our cost was $624 period.  No additional taxes or fees means our cost was $89.14 per night

That's a savings of $166.06 per night!   

Can you see how GRN instantly became my best friend for an annual vacation in Phoenix, Arizona?

Here is my invoice with GRN pricing.

It may be a little hard to view, but look at the end of the arrow and you will see my price of $624.  That equals $89.14 per night

Plus The Villa Mirage Resort is a 4 Star luxury resort with all the 4 Star amenities to make our stay far more enjoyable than A Best Western Motel.  

I've included my Best Western Motel reservation from the previous year as further proof of the value and savings by booking through GRN.

Keep in mind, this was a 2010 quote.  Prices didn't go down.

The Best Western was a "special rate" of $1,254.61 because I was a returning customer.   $179.23 per night.  OMG!

That's twice the cost of the "4 Star" Villa Mirage in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Bye bye Best Western!  It was fun while it lasted, but this is better.

With over 5500 destinations spread out over 61 countries your vacation possibilities just became endless.   With costs that consistently beat Expedia by 70%-90% your "Extra Vacation Fun Money" can only help create vacation memories of a lifetime.